Angling & fisheries

Angling and fisheries

The current portfolio of angling venues includes 27 Gravel Pits and 21 stretches of River/Flood Channel that facilitate coarse angling comprising of 30 different venues of which 15 are directly managed by the Fisheries department, 14 are licensed to Angling Clubs, Societies and Consortia and one which is jointly managed.

Fisheries 2017 Challenges

To celebrate 50th Anniversary of Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, the Fisheries team are running three exciting events from the 1 January - 31 December to mark the occasion! These events are in the form of challenges for permit holders only. As one of our permit holders, you'll have a chance to win a FREE season permit for the following year.

50 'Most Wanted' Challenge

We have picked a number of fish from our waters that are deemed to be some of the most sought after in their venue.  Any permit holder catching any of these individual fish during 2017 will be eligible to enter a prize draw for a FREE season permit.

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'50lb+' Fish Challenge

Any permit holder catching an individual fish weighing 50lb or more during 2017 will be eligible to enter a prize draw for a FREE season permit.

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'50 stocked Fish' Challenge

We have stocked 50 new Carp across a number of our Fisheries.  Any permit holder catching any of these individual fish during 2017 will be eligible to enter a prize draw for a FREE season permit.

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To enter

Submit your entry pictures to before 31 December 2017.

Terms and conditions apply

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The Authority’s fisheries are truly regional as a natural development of its eutrophic gravel pits, post aggregate extraction. These fisheries have carved a niche in a flourishing and currently most popular section of modern angling. This, coupled with the unique pioneering partnerships with the country’s major conservation bodies has pushed the Authority’s Fisheries to the forefront of sustainable, environmentally compatible, responsible specimen angling.

The unique section of Old River Lea (Sir Isaac Walton’s river) and the Lea Flood Relief Channel constitute the country’s premier Chub fishery, where we recently held the British river record for the species and is one of only four natural Barbel rivers in the United Kingdom.

The Old Lea itself is a magnet countrywide for specimen anglers. Geographically, Lee Valley Regional Park as a whole caters for all disciplines in modern freshwater angling. However, the current 25 strong angling venues under Authority ownership offer a diversification of specimen coarse angling that barely satisfies local catchment, M25 corridor or national needs.

Permits and tickets

To fish in Lee Valley Regional Park you'll need to purchase a Season Permit for the fishery you intend to visit: application forms are available by postal application only from Lee Valley Park Fisheries. For Day Ticket fishing on Banjo Lake and Stock Pit you must book in advance by texting the Fishery Bailiff on 07907 212035 or emailing

An Environment Agency rod licence will also be needed to fish in Lee Valley Regional Park.  These can be obtained from Post Offices.  Permits and licences need to be available for inspection at all times when fishing in the Regional Park. 

NB: all fish must be returned alive into the venue from which they are caught.

Site information

Our comprehensive guide, Get Hooked details all the angling available in the park. To receive a copy call the Fisheries Office on 01992 892 291, email or click on the right hand side of the page on the image of the Get Hooked guide book to view online.

Useful contact numbers

Environment Agency

General enquiries: 01707 632 300
Emergency: 0800 807 060

Closed season: all riverine systems continue with the mandatory close season of 15 March - 15 June inclusive. The only exception within the park is the Lea Navigation from Bow Locks to Aquaduct Lock. Therefore, from the Navigation northwards and ALL rivers, streams, flood channels are closed to any form of angling whatsoever (including Crayfish trapping). ALL gravel-pits, lakes and ponds which facilitate angling are open all year round and are therefore not included in the closures mentioned above.

Site management

There's an ongoing programme of consolidation and improvements carried out by the Fisheries Team, the Fisheries Task Force, Honorary Wardens and Volunteers. This takes the form of both a proactive response to the regular monitoring, bi-annual surveys, data collection and the weekly Honorary Warden reporting which collectively formulates planning for restocking, repairs and improvements to both directly managed and licenced fisheries.

Fisheries both support and actively assist in the development of the Authority’s Biodiversity Action Plan.




Phone line down

We're currently experiencing problems with our phone lines. Please use 03000 030622 to contact us or if your enquiry is urgent please email us at Sorry for any inconvenience.


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Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (Fisheries)

Holyfield Hall Farm
Stubbins Hall Lane
Waltham Abbey
Essex EN9 2EG

03000 030622
01992 892 300 (fax)
Fishery locations around the park
  1. Abbotts Lake
  2. Banjo Lake
  3. Stock Pit
  4. Mill Stream
  5. Admirals Walk
  6. Dobbs Weir (Disabled Site)
  7. Glen Faba
  8. Nazeing Meads
  9. Slipe Lane Pits
  10. Ashley
  11. North Met Pit
  12. Bowyers Water
  13. Waltons Walk
  14. Highbridge Street (Disabled Site)
  15. Cornmill Stream and Abbey Gardens
Licenced Fisheries
  • Airfield Site, Nazeing – Waterhole and Wrightons
  • Old River Lea, Waltham Abbey, Essex
  • Fishers Green Fishers
  • Green Lane Pits
  • Carthagena Fishery, Broxbourne
  • Friday Lake & Powdermill Stream
  • Nursery Pit
  • Slipe Lane Pits,
  • Langridge (Holyfield Lake N/E Bank)
  • Langridge (Holyfield Lake West bank)
  • Langridge (Holyfield Lake N/W Corner)
  • Old River Lee, Kings Weir
  • Lee Flood Relief Channel Kings Relief Channel Green Lane
  • Lee Flood Relief Channel Green Lane and Glen Faba
  • Dobbs Weir Pool & Island
  • Lea Navigation; Old Mill Pool, Broxbourne

Click here for full information about Licenced Fisheries and clubs



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