Bushcraft skills

Bushcraft courses

Our bushcraft courses will teach how to survive in the wild! Whether you’re an intrepid traveller or just want to take part in a fun, new experience, choose from our range of courses which focus on different aspects of bushcraft and arm you with a range of skills.

Day course in the wild 

Find it, carve it, build it!

Whether you want to make your own cutlery set or make a fire the au natural way, we have the perfect course for you. 

Wild eating

We've a living larder! Search the local forests for edibles and learn how to prepare and cook your finds to make dinner, cordials, and jams.

Wilder child! 

Designed for younger minds, our fun children's bushcraft courses will have the kids creating their own world in the middle of nature. 

You can find all of our latest events in the sidebar.  

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