Lakes of the River Lee

Lakes of the River Lee

Distance 7.5 Miles
Terrain Surfaced pathways and towpath throughout, several bridges (one with a steep incline) and several walk-around and kissing gates.
Starting Points

Fishers Green car park, Stubbins Hall Lane, Crooked Mile, Waltham Abbey, EN9 2EF

Alternative starting points

- Hooks Marsh car park, Fishers Green Lane, Crooked Mile, Waltham Abbey EN9 2ED
- Turnford Brook car park, Cheshunt Wash, Turnford EN8 0XG
- Pindar car park, Windmill Lane, Cheshunt, Herts EN8 9AJ
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  • From the car park cross over the road and go through the staggered wooden gates, follow the pathway pass the picnic benches and cross the Flood Relief Channel via the green bridge. (Lee Valley Park Farms are a short detour from the route - proceed past the front of the toilets, and take the first right turn, signposted to Lee Valley Park Farms and continue along the pathway to the Farm car park).
  • Turn left and proceed through the walk-around and head south along the pathway, keeping Seventy Acres Lake on the right and the Old River Lea on the left.
  • Proceed through the walk-around gate, into Hooks Marsh car park.
  • Continue towards and around the metal field gate opposite, onto Waltons Walk, heading in a south direction, keeping the river on your left.
  • Continue past Hooks Marsh Lake, the Dave Stocker Sluices on the left and Hall Marsh Scrape on the right.
  • At the south end of Hall Marsh Scrape, turn right following the pathway.
  • Turn left signposted Highbridge, crossing the large wooden bridge and proceed through the kissing gate.
  • Continue along the pathway across the Showground to the bridge.
  • Proceed through the kissing gate, crossing the bridge over the River Lee Navigation.
  • Turn left, down the slope and then take the left hand path, bearing around the steep bridge incline.
  • Proceed along the surfaced path, across the wooden bridge over the Small River Lea and continue west, bearing to the right at the pathway junction.
  • Proceed north, keeping Bowyers Water on the left.
  • At the pathway junction, bear to the left and continue north through Thistly Marsh.
  • Turn left along the gravel path, bearing right onto the access road continuing north with the railway line on the left. 
  • Proceed around the gate and turn left.
  • At the railway crossing, proceed over the road into Cheshunt Country Walk car park.
  • Exit the car park through the walk-around and follow the surfaced path, keeping left, alongside the railway line.
  • Continue north along the pathway (North Metropolitan viewing area is a short detour from the route – turn right at the signposted crossroads. The viewing area is located on the other side of the bridge) and over the red brick bridge, crossing the Small River Lea.
  • Turn left at the end of the bridge and proceed north between the river and North Metropolitan Lake, passing Nightingale Wood on the right.
  • Turn left across the small bridge, crossing the Small River Lea, heading towards the railway bridge.
  • Turn right at the bridge and continue north along the surfaced pathway alongside the railway line.  
  • Remain on the surfaced path, bearing to the right and proceed north alongside Ashley Lake on the right.
  • At the top of the lake, remain on the surfaced pathway, continuing in a northerly direction.
  • Continue over Slipe Lane crossroads proceeding north to Wharf Road.
  • Proceed through the walk-around to the road.
  • Turn right along the pavement to Wharf Road car park and proceed onto the towpath.
  • Turn right and follow the River Lee Navigation south, passing Aqueduct Lock.
  • Proceed under the bridge and continue south to Cheshunt Lock (North Metropolitan Orchid Meadow is a short detour form the route – turn right onto the pathway and proceed down the slope to the fence. Continue through the kissing gate and proceed onto the boardwalk through the orchid meadow).  
  • Proceed over Cheshunt Lock and follow the pathway to Seventy Acres Lake.
  • Turn left and continue north around the lake.
  • Turn right at the Old River Lea and continue south, following the river on the left and passing Seventy Acres Lake on the right.
  • Continue past the Bittern Information Point, on reaching the green bridge, turn right crossing the Flood Relief Channel, follow this pathway to the car park through the staggered wooden gates.


  • Fishers Green car park – 2 minutes from route
  • Pindar car park – 1 minute from route
  • Lee Valley Park Farms – 5 minutes from route


  • Lee Valley Park Farms - 5 minutes from route


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