General services

General services

The marina offers a range of services for the inland waterways user.

General services

  • Diesel - available in 10%  tax splits from 100% heating use to 100% cruising use.
  • Water - water top up available from the quay.
  • Boat pump out - self-service facilities are available.
  • Calor Gas - a range of Calor Gas bottles, from 3.9kg to 19kg (both propane and butane) are stocked.
  • Solid fuel - a range of solid fuels are available in 25kg bags. We also stock logs and kindling as well.
  • Caravan and trailer storage - secure storage available for both caravans and trailers.

Boat services

  • Boat transport – transport can be arranged for transport anywhere in Europe for narrow boats up to 60ft (18.3m) and for wide beam boats up to 50ft in length by 12ft wide (15.5m by  3.7m).
  •  Slipway - available during business hours for vessels up to 30ft (9.1m). Trailer storage is also available on site if required.
  • Crane services - there are two cranes on site with capacity of up to 18 ton and boats up to 63ft (19.2m) in length. Craning on or off transport is also available with sizes limited by the access road (narrow boats up to 63ft and wide beam vessels up to 42ft in length by 12ft wide). Other craning lifts available include engine lifts or anything heavy that needs to be lifted on or off a boat.
  • Surveys - out of the water surveys by independent professional marine surveyors can be carried out at the marina. Unlike a wet dock all areas of the boat are accessible as the boats are craned on to a trailer allowing the whole base plate to be examined. A list of local surveyors is available for customers to choose from. Lee Valley Marina, Stanstead Abbotts doesn’t recommend any particular surveyor and no surveyor works in conjunction with the marina.
  • Boat Safety Certificate – the marina can arrange for an independent examiner to undertake the inspection and certify your boat. Any remedial work that’s required can be carried out by our marina engineers.


  • Overnight - temporary overnight mooring for short stays is available at the Stanstead Abbotts site as well as storage on land and dry land berths for DIY fitting out and repairs.
  • Long term - the site boasts 200 boat berths available at the Stanstead Abbotts site as well as mooring opportunities at its two satellite mooring sites at Rye House and Broxbourne.
  • Mooring prices are calculated per metre, find out more.



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