Top fitness tips

How can your favourite sports help your fitness?

Every sport has its own benefit on your body. Whether it's strength, stamina, or simply making you feel good; reap all the benefits of sports with Lee Valley.

We've given you some of our top benefits and tips to be great at sports on offer in Lee Valley. Use these to begin a new sport or improve your technique in your long term hobby.



  •  Core strength
  •  Build/tone muscle
  • Improve physical fitness
  • Push yourself to the limit
  • Use different sports to improve all areas of your fitness


Top tips for athletics:

  • Set yourself goals
  • Use interval training
  • Eat right to maintain energy longer
  • Work with coaches
  • Follow a training programme

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Cycling has many fitness and benefits! These include:

  • Feeling more awake
  •  Burning fat
  •  Keeping you healthy
  •  Lowering risk of diseases


Top tips for cycling:

  • Don't hunch your shoulders to keep you from getting neck cramps
  • Keep your shoulders behind the front wheel axel
  • Always ride with your elbows bent and your arms and shoulders relaxed. This reduces the chance of muscle fatigue
  • Remain hydrated, but don't look at the bottle when you drink; keep looking ahead

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Ice skating

  • Improve balance
  • Endurance
  • Weight management
  • Build leg muscles
  • Improve joint flexibility


Top tips for ice skating

  • Practise walking in your skates before stepping on to the ice
  • Don't lean backwards when ice skating
  •  Look ahead of you, not down
  • Bend your knees, don't stand up completely straight
  •  Don't be afraid to fall, even the best skaters do!

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horse rider

Horse riding

  • Build or tone muscle
  • Mix of cardio and strength
  • Improve balance
  • Improve posture
  • Burn calories - one hour similar to 30 mins walk/jog


Top tips for horse riding

  •  Keep your upper body straight, and your heels directly in line with your hips
  •  Keep your heels slightly down
  •  Hold the reins correctly for maximum control, but not too tightly
  •  Look in the direction you're headed, not at the horse

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  • Cardiovascular training
  • Tones muscles with strength training
  • Helps your co-ordination
  • Increases your flexibility
  • Improves your balance


Top tips for tennis

  •  Always watch the ball to help the accuracy of your shot
  •  Move your feet to reach shots
  •  Aim to hit the ball after it has bounced
  •  Keep practising
runners in open space

Walking and running

  •  lowers disease risks
  •  tones legs, bums and tums
  •  strengthen your joints
  •  increase your stamina



Top tips for walking and running

  • Start slow, with regular breaks
  •  Start each run with a five minute warm up
  •  Mix up your walking and running routes.
  •  Go out with a friend of similar ability
  • Set yourself targets

See our recommended routes.




Benefits of paddling:

  •  increased muscle strength
  •  increased torso and leg strength
  •  low impact on muscles and joints - low impact


Top tips for paddling:

  •  Control is more important than speed
  •  Know your route before you go out in your canoe/kayak
  •  Rotate your body to help you paddle
  •  Practice regularly

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