Rules & conditions

Rules and conditions

To be able to fish in our waters you need to have:
  • Lee Valley Regional Park Season Permit or Day/Night ticket
  • Environment Agency Rod Licence (one for every two rods)
When angling in our waters you agree to the Fisheries’ Rules and Conditions. These rules are in place to protect stock, wildlife and the other users on the park. Any violation of these rules and conditions can result action being taken against the person.  
Our river systems follow the traditional closed period between 15 March to 15 June. Our gravel pits remain open all year round. All fish must be returned to where they were caught alive.

Site management 

Our dedicated fisheries team regularly monitor each site to create a programme of restocking, repairs and improvements that will enhance your experience at our fisheries. All these programmes run in line with Lee Valley Regional Park Authority’s Biodiversity Action Plan. If there’s anything you’ll like to report please email us directly or the licenced club

Rod usage limits

Each fishery has a limit to the number of rods that can be used by and angler. Please see the limited below 


Up to 2

Up to 3

Stanstead Innings - Abbotts Lake


Stanstead Inning - Banjo Lake


Stanstead Inning - Stock Pit

Glen Faba  
Nazeing Meads – Brackens Pool  
Nazeing Meads – Main Lagoons  

Admirals Walk


Slipe Lane Pits  



North Met Pit  

Bowyers Water


Walton's Walk   

Cornmill Stream


Disabled anglers

Lee Valley Regional Park Fisheries offer a permit that covers the following fisheries with accessible swims:
  • Dobbs Weir Disabled Site – 6 swims available
  • Nazeing Meads – 4 swims available
  • Slipe Lane’s Boot Pit – 2 swims available
  • North Met Pit, Cadmore Lane – 6 swims available
  • Old River Lea, Fishers Green – 3 swims available
  • Lee Flood Relief Channel, Hooks Marsh, Fishers Green Lane – 7 swims available
  • Highbridge Street Disabled Site – 8 swims available
To receive an information pack for the Disabled Anglers Permit, please email our fisheries team.

Get Hooked Guide

For more information on our fisheries, you can download our Get Hooked Guided here.



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