Stay safe around water

Stay safe around water

We want to ensure visitors to Lee Valley stay safe during their visit so read our dos and don'ts on how to stay safe around water.

During cold and icy weather it’s important to take extra care of yourself and others around frozen water. Entering open, unsupervised waters within Lee Valley Regional Park is a very dangerous activity. Therefore the following guidance should be followed at all times. Lee Valley Regional Park has officers patrolling the park and their role is to advise and stop any activity that is dangerous or is in contravention of the Park Byelaws. Those persons who commit an offence under the byelaws may be removed from the park and/or liable to a fine.


To remain safe around frozen water in Lee Valley Regional Park:

  • Think SAFE Stay Away From the Edge
  • Do not ice skate on frozen water
  • Do not attempt to rescue wildlife stranded on the ice
  • If the ice gives way, it can cause drowning, asphyxia and hypothermia
  • If you see anyone or any animal in danger. Call 999 urgently for help


  • Do discuss the dangers of playing on or near frozen water, so children are aware
  • Do make sure you know where your children are while out in the park
  • Do not leave children unsupervised near frozen ponds, rivers, lakes or other bodies of water

Dog walkers:

  • Do keep your dog on a lead at all times near frozen water
  • Do not throw balls and sticks for your dog near frozen water
  • Do not follow or attempt to fetch back your dog if it goes onto the ice
  • Do not attempt to try to rescue a dog if it gets into trouble, you will put your own life in danger
  • Call 999 for help

If you see someone get into trouble:

  • Call the emergency services 999
  • Do not attempt to go out on the ice yourself
  • Tell the person to stay still to maintain heat and energy, and offer reassurance to keep them clam
  • Try finding something which will extend your reach, such as a rope, pole, clothing tied together or branch
  • Once ensuring you are stable on the bank either by lying down or having someone hold on to you, throw the object out and pull them in
  • If you cannot find something to reach with, try finding an object that will float and throw that out to them
  • Ensure that you keep off the ice at all times during the rescue, continue to reassure the casualty and keep them talking until help arrives
  • Once the person has been rescued, keep them warm by covering them with warm clothing, blankets etc. Do not undress them until they are in a warm place
  • Do not rub their skin and do not give an alcoholic drink
  • The casualty must go to hospital even if they appear to be unaffected

Staying safe around water

Please watch the short film by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency below about staying safe around cold water.



Stay safe water summer


To report any of the following:

  • unruly or dangerous behaviour in and around water
  • accidents, incidents or near misses
  • wildlife trapped on/in the water                                          

For any incidents call 03000 030 610 between 08:00 - 17:00
or 01992 210 196 between 17:00 - 08:00

In an emergency call 999
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