Prof Dog walker Code of Conduct

Any commercial dog walker using Lee Valley Regional Park to walk dogs in their care must adhere to the terms and conditions of their licence and the park’s code of conduct.

Code of conduct

Every professional dog walker will ensure:

  • the dogs they’re walking have been pre-screened and can be kept under control whilst in the park
  • the maximum number of dogs per person is five
  • they have a lead for each dog they’re walking
  • where a person is in charge of more than four dogs all dogs must be on leads
  • they clean up after the dogs in their care and dispose properly of all waste 
  • dogs aren’t allowed to foul in car parks under any circumstances
  • they’re considerate where dogs are allowed to urinate especially when entering parks and where entrances are adjacent to residential areas
  • each dog has identification tags displaying owners/handlers contact details
  • their licensed operators lanyard is clearly visible to the public and park representatives
  • they respect and adhere to the park’s Byelaws

Park 'No Go' zones

All professional dog walkers aren’t  permitted to use:

  • areas within the park where group dog walking activities have a negative impact on other park users, residents and Licensees;
  • areas clearly marked as formal garden areas and other sensitive locations such as conservation areas
  • areas closed for renovation or upgrading

Please refer to your licence’s terms and conditions for a list of areas of the park that are unsuitable for professional dog walking. There may be other areas that have restrictions and the Authority may issue seasonal instructions from time to time - please look out for notices and regularly check our website.

Park 'No Go' activities

The following activities are not to be conducted by licensees:

  • Aggressive, intimidating or unruly activities that interfere with the comfort of other visitors
  • Corporal punishment of dogs
  • Dogs threatening or interfering with wildlife or the enjoyment of other park users. Permitting your dog to chase, injure of kill any form of wildlife is an offence under the Byelaws. You may face prosecution (covered in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991). Find out more about how we deal with irresponsible dog ownership.

As a licence holder you agree to abide by these guidelines at all times. Non-compliance to your licence’s terms and conditions, the park’s code of conduct, Section I of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Byelaws will means you’re at risk of losing your licence.





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