Professional Dog Walking Licences

From 1 January 2017 Lee Valley Regional Park Authority is introducing a Professional Dog Walking Licence for anyone wishing to carry out dog walking as a commercial activity in the park.

Under the Park’s Byelaws all commercial activities require the permission of the Authority. We recognise the important role dog walking plays in our open spaces and are licensing operators to ensure that:

  • the open spaces and wildlife are protected
  • there is considerate use between those undertaking licensed professional dog walking
  • professional dog walkers are complying with current health and safety and best industry practice for the safety and enjoyment of their dogs and staff
  • all professional dog walkers are fully insured

A Professional Dog Walking Licence for Lee Valley Regional Park permits the use of many of the open spaces across the 26 mile park and is a mark of quality and assurance to customers. A list of sites that cannot be used by professional dog walkers can be found in our licence terms and conditions.

All licenced professional dog walkers will be supplied with a lanyard which shows your licence number. This lanyard must be worn whilst using the park for professional dog walking. All licenced businesses will be listed on our website. A separate licence is required for each operative working for any one business.

How much does a licence cost

An annual licence costs £55 and runs from 1 January to 31 December.

Professional Dog Walking Licences


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Holders of Professional Dog Walking Licences (2019)


  • Daisy Newman
  • Claire's Doggie Day Care
  • Happy Hounds and Cooler Cats
  • Happy Paws
  • Hounds We Love
  • Hugs and Tails
  • Jims Walking Dogs 4U
  • Muttalicious
  • Primo Pet Service
  • Reservoir Dogs Daycare Ltd
  • Total Recall Dogs


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