Myddelton House Gardens

Coronavirus Update 1 July 2020

We hope you’re keeping well at this difficult time. 
We’ve been carefully assessing Government announcements on how venues we’ve had to close can reopen. We want to play our part in helping everyone get back to normal through exercise, staying healthy and having fun – and, while we want to reopen quickly we, of course, need to do this in ways which are both safe and financially viable.
The pandemic has had a huge financial impact on Lee Valley Regional Park Authority which owns and runs Lee Valley Park Farms. Most of the Authority’s income comes through activities we sell in spring and summer, which have been heavily affected by lockdown. So far we’ve already lost around £3m - a quarter of our expected income this year and, like so many other leisure organisations, we need to reopen carefully, responsibly and safely in a staged way to build back up to providing visitors with their favourite activities and to make sure we’re here for you long term.
Myddelton House Gardens will remain closed for the moment. We’ve assessed how we could reopen the site safely, but we face particular problems because of the continued need for social distancing, the narrow pathways and the way that most visitors understandably stop to look at various plants and other elements in the Gardens and difficulties at this site of controlling the numbers of visitors. 
We continue to work on this and hope to have the Gardens open again soon.


An enchanting place to visit at any time of year

E A Bowles
Edward Augustus Bowles

Myddelton House Gardens were once home to Edward Augustus Bowles, one of Britain’s most famous self-taught gardeners, artists and expert botanists. Nestled in the heart of Enfield, the eight acre grounds play host to a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers as well as an extensive heritage kitchen garden and cut flower beds. 

Bowles dedicated his life to maintaining the gardens at Myddelton House often bringing back unusual plants from his travels. An example of this today is in the ‘Lunatic Asylum’ beds, where plants with contorted stems and foliage can be found.

Flowers at Myddelton House
Irises at Myddelton House

The gardens are a treasure trove of hidden oddities and the beautifully reconstructed Victorian Glasshouse is no exception. With four climatic zones, you will  find exotic plants from around the world.. The sunken glasshouse is perfect for harvesting fruits that thrive on high humidity. You can visit some of the sections today and discover what’s growing.

The gardens are a treasure trove of hidden gems and the beautifully reconstructed Victorian Glasshouse is no exception. With four climatic zones, you will find exotic plants from around the world ranging from cacti which thrive on dry arid conditions to air plants which obtain all of their nutrients from water vapour in the air. 


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