Faba to Fieldes

Faba to Fieldes

Distance 2 Miles
Terrain A mixture of surfaced pathways, towpath and grass pathways, bridges including one very narrow and walk-around and kissing gates.
Starting Point Dobbs Weir car park, Dobbs Weir Road, Hoddesdon, Herts EN1 0AY
Quick guide Two star walking routeOne star running routeNot suitable for cyclingNot suitable for wheelchair accessRefreshments availble on routeToilets availble on route
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  • Exit the car park, crossing over the road towards the Fish and Eels Public House.
  • Turn right and proceed along the pavement, turning left through a walk-around gate.
  • Continue diagonally across the field to the north east corner.
  • Proceed through the kissing gate and continue along the public footpath, keeping the River Lee Navigation on the left.
  • Continue along the pathway as it heads away from the river heading towards the Flood Relief Channel.
  • Turn left and continue along the pathway keeping the Channel on the right.
  • Turn right crossing a concrete bridge over the Floor Relief Channel, entering Glen Faba.
  • Turn left, heading north, continuing between the Flood Relief Channel on the left and Glen Faba lake on the right.
  • Continue through a kissing gate and past the bridge on the left.
  • Proceed through the next kissing gate towards and over Fieldes Weir.  
  • Turn left, past two houses and bear to the right, continuing over Fieldes Weir Lock.
  • Turn left, onto the towpath and continue south alongside the River Lee Navigation, leading back to Dobbs Weir.
  • Turn left crossing the bridge over the weir and proceed across the main road.
  • Turn left along the pavement, over the River Lee Navigation and turn right into Dobbs Weir car park.


  • Dobbs Weir car park.


  • Dobbs Weir café.
  • Fish and Eels Public House.
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