Artworks Route One

Artworks Route One

Route summary A scenic circular route taking in the southern section of the sculpture and natural play pieces within River Lee Country Park. The route heads east from Hooks Marsh car park, turning west at Cadmore Lane then south at Cheshunt Country Walk then continues south past Bowyers Water and Lee Valley White Water Centre before crossing the towpath and heading back north along Waltons Walk finishing back at Hooks Marsh car park.
Distance 2.5 miles
Terrain A mixture of surfaced pathways and towpath throughout, several bridges (one with steep incline) and several walk-around and kissing gates
Starting Point Hooks Marsh car park, Fishers Green Lane, Crooked Mile, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 2ED
Quick guide
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  • Leave Hooks Marsh car park to the west over the bridge and follow main pathway.
  • At junction on the left continue on main pathway.
  • Viking Sign Post, an elegantly carved signpost highlighting the old Danelaw boundaries.
  • Turn left on to Cadmore Lane and continue west over small bridges.
  • Stag Beetles sculpture is on the left (the mighty male Stag Beetle is depicted here battling on an oak log).
  • At the junction with Cadmore Lane turn left on to Cheshunt Country Walk and walk south.
  • Enter Cheshunt Country Walk car park through the kissing gates and the cross car park to Windmill Lane.
  • Turn Left on to Windmill Lane and head east in to Pindar car park (alternative start point and best if using public transport).
  • At the Lee Valley signpost in the car park turn right on to pathway heading south - Natural play is in front of you. These natural play sculptures have been created and grouped together to give kids their own zone where they can let their imaginations take over.
  • Either follow the path to the junction and turn left or walk through the sculptures re-joining the path to the right of the natural play sculptures depicting the “Wind”.
  • Continue south along the pathway to the signpost for Turnershill Marsh, at the signpost cross the bridge on your right and follow the path south.
  • Stay on the main path at the junction heading south and pass The Giant Chair sculpture which is on your left.
  • On the left across the small River Lee you will see The Shrine Sculpture (a carving from a huge Cedar tree), at the right hand bend cross a small wooded bridge to view The Shrine.
  • Cross back over the bridge and continue south along the path with Bowyers Water and Bowyers Orchid Meadow area on your right.
  • At the southern end of Bowyers Water continue walking left at junction on the main pathway and around the next left hand bend to the next junction and continue east along the pathway.
  • Cross the bridge over the small River Lee and continue on the main pathway,  Cheshunt Marsh, with disc golf on your left.  Equipment for disc golf can be hired from Lee Valley White Water Centre and YHA London Lee Valley.
  • Follow the right hand bend and in front of you is Musicality (a xylophone in the middle of the park – give it a go playing it like a bongo to create your musical masterpiece).
  • Just past the sculptures is the entrance to Lee Valley White Water Centre (alternative start point).
  • At Lee Valley White Water Centre signpost turn left to join the towpath and then turn right heading south along the towpath.
  • At Waltham Town Lock cross the lock bridge (pushchair users continue up ramp to Highbridge Street and turn left and re-enter the country park through pedestrian gap at Waltons Walk.
  • The Viking ship is ahead of you (the skeletal hull of this ship invokes images of the days gone by when the Vikings travelled the Lee).
  • Continue north along Waltons Walk.
  • To the left is the showground entrance, pass this continuing on main path.
  • At the junction keep heading north along Waltons Walk, a short detour to the left at this junction is Hall Marsh Scrape (bird hides and viewpoint). Banded Demoiselle, a metal sculpture depicting the iridescent male of the species which can be found fluttering over the water during the summer months.
  • Continue heading north at the junction and stay on the main path. A slight detour to left is the north end of Hall Marsh Scrape.
  • Follow main path around bends to Hooks Marsh car park (alternative starting point).
  • Enter car park through pedestrian access on right.
  • Bird Transition, this large carved block of Portland stone showcases the different wildlife that can be found in the Lee Valley.
  • Finish point.



Alternative car parking and starting points along the route are:

  • Pindar car park, Windmill Lane, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire EN8 9AJ
  • Lee Valley White Water Centre car park, Station Road, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire EN9 1AB


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