Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis

Distance 3.5 Miles
Terrain Surfaced pathway including towpath, several bridges with steep inclines and large cobbles and walk-around gates.
Starting Point

Tottenham Marshes car park, Watermead Way, London N17 0XB

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  • Proceed north out of the car park (through the main entrance and exit) and cross over the main access road through the walk-around onto Marsh Triangle.
  • Join the new surfaced pathway and proceed onto Wild Marsh West, passing over the Flood Relief Channel, Pymmes Brook.
  • Continue along the path, crossing the New Wildlife Wetland habitat.
  • Bear to the left, continuing along the path, past the Wild Flower Meadow habitat.
  • Continue past the entrance to Marigold Road on the left, proceeding to the northern perimeter of the Marsh.
  • Follow the pathway to the right, passing the Leeside entrance and proceed towards the river.
  • Proceed over Chalk Bridge, following the pathway down onto the towpath.
  • Turn left over the green bridge, onto Wild Marsh East and proceed on the grass path, keeping the River Lee Diversion on your left hand side.
  • Follow the grass path to the right, past Sandpiper Close entrance on the left, and continue on the surfaced path back to the Green Bridge.
  • Turn left onto the towpath and continue south along the river to Stonebridge Lock.
  • Cross the river at the lock, the Stonebridge Lock Waterside Community Centre is on your right.
  • Proceed west along the main access road and turn left, through the silver walk-around and onto the surfaced pathway.
  • Continue past the picnic tables on your right.
  • Follow the pathway, passing the two unique community art structures.
  • Continue south along the pathway, keeping the river on your left.
  • Turn right at the junction in front of the community allotments, and continue.
  • Follow the pathway, bearing to the right in front of the woodland area. (There is a short detour into the woodland area. Remain on the main pathway, turning right along the woodchip path through the woodland).
  • Continue along the pathway, passing the pedestrian entrance on your left.
  • Continue towards the starting point past the Bee Orchid Meadow and City Viewpoint, returning to the car park.



  • Stonebridge Lock Waterside Community Centre.
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