Fish Stocking March 2019 - North Met Pit

During March 2019 Fisheries introduced six excellent VS Fisheries Carp into the North Met Pit.  The six fish, all Mirrors weighed from 17lb 12oz up to 19lb 12oz, with the majority being 19lb+. The fish all went in at the Pylon Swim in the Main Lake and will naturally filter through to other parts of the lake once they've got their bearings.  Images of the fish can be found on the North Met Pit page in the Gallery tab. To view these images click here.

Stanstead Abbotts: As from 16 June 2012 Abbotts Lake is now managed directly by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority Fisheries Department.
On our initial season (2012-13) we honoured the 50 existing members ONLY and the existing CEMEX Angling waiting list. We shall continue with 50 members and a 50 strong waiting list which will mirror how we manage Ashley, Bowyers and Glen Faba fisheries.
Should you have any queries regarding this please contact the Fisheries office.Waiting List: Changes re: 2013-14 Season see "Waiting List" Box from 11th June 2013

All previous conditions apply (See Glen Faba page) Send your letters to The Fisheries Office, Holyfieldhall Farm, Stubbins Hall Lane, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 2EG. Waiting List: Changes re: 2013-14 Season see "Waiting List" Box from 11th June 2013


This venue is now managed for the Authority by the Fishers Green Consortium. As first contact please try : This consortia of Angling Clubs and Societies is made up of the following (including current contact details):

Barnet & District Angling Club www.BADAC.CO.UK
Civil Service Angling Society:
Hertford Angling Society hertford: – 077511 47028
Hollow Angling Club – 01992 701428
Kings Arms & Cheshunt Angling Society, or PO Box 13 Waltham Cross EN7 5QT
Metropolitan Police Angling Society
Palmers Green Angling Society,
Potters Bar & District Angling Club, - Mr P Latter 01727 869090
Red Spinners Angling Society
Verulam Angling Club,
Ware Angling Club Dave Fussell - 07768 746059

Fishery News up to 6 December 2012

Despite the harsh winter conditions over the previous few weeks, Banjo Lake has still been producing a few nice fish.  Bailiff Dave Anderson, taking a well earned break from work, landed 3 fish up to 17lb during a couple of day sessions.

The Banjo record was rocked when young angler Scott Sharp banked a cracking chunk of 28lb 8oz during November (see gallery for pics).  The fish was in great condition and will be a new lake best very soon we're sure!  He also caught mirrors of 14lb 6oz, 14lb 8oz, 15lb and 22lb 4oz during October making it a great couple of months for him. Well done!

Fisheries Officer Jamie, doing his usual overnight sessions during November landed 4 fish from the day ticket venue.  2 x 12lb mirrors, a lovely coloured 14lb mirror and a chunky 19lb 2oz mirror made up the catches (pics on the gallery).  All fish were tempted with pva bags of crumbled boilies and chocolate fish pellets fished with a boilie and fake corn hookbait.

Fish Stocking Nov 2012 - North Met, Bowyers and Admirals

During late November the Fisheries team with the help of the Fisheries Volunteers stocked out some home grown Carp into a few of the fisheries.  The North Met Pit received 15 fish, a mixture of commons and mirrors, up to 7lb 12oz.  The fish all went in up the 'North End' so will naturally filter through to the main part of the lake once they've got their bearings.

Bowyers Water received 5 mirrors up to 7lb 6oz and Admirals Walk received 6 mirrors up to 6lb 15oz.  We look forward to seeing them all pack on the pounds in their new homes.


Fish Stocking - River Lee at Fishers Green
The River Lee at Fishers Green received another  boost in the form of a bonus stocking of 300 barbel from the Environment Agency on the 9th December 2011 . The fish, which were up to 7" in size and in immaculate condition, were surplus stock from the Agency's Calverton Fish Farm in Nottingham. We look forward to seeing them thrive in their new home.

Catch Reports Up to 18 May 2012

Bowyers Water

Jerry Hammond kicked off his Bowyers campaign in fine style landing a stunning 41lb 8oz mirror on his first trip in March!!  Jerry's had a few other fish since then so has had a great start.

Posty Neil Edge has been amongst them too, netting mirrors of 34lb and 33lb along with a few back up fish as well.

Fisheries Officer Jamie Godson had his first of 2012 during May in the shape of one of the 2006 stockies; a cracking zip linear of 15lb 6oz.  The next week he landed a long common of 33lb 10oz.

Apache' Steve Cliff had an amazing weekends fishing during May landing 2 new lake record commons!!!  He started on the Friday and that night had a personal best (and new lake record!) common of 41lb 9oz!!  This was the lakes original big common.  He must have thought things couldn't get much better...but they did!  The next night he received another take and it resulted in him netting an even bigger common......42lb 8oz!!!  So, 2 new p.b.s and 2 new lake record commons....awesome stuff!!  He also landed two 20's too so well done that man!!

Bowyers regular Slick Mick Redding has been amongst them over the past few weeks taking fish up to 39lb.

Ron Pascoe landed a cracking 39lb 2oz mirror during a weekend session.  On inspection of the photos, this is the top weight ever for this fish, and it's looking great!

North Met Pit

We've had reports that an angler has taken an amazing haul of fish recently including 2 x 40's, 4 x 30's and a couple of 20's.  Hopefully more info to follow.

North Met Warden Matt Lily suffered a couple of lost fish before making a mends by landing one of the sought after prizes, Baby Bazil, at 41lb 8oz.

Nazeing Meads

Brackens Pool : "Rocky" (alive and very well!) was caught at 34lbs + ounces over the weekend details to follow, so putting an end to one rumour!!!!

See Anglers Mail :10th July reTench & Bream to Fred Healey = 14 fish : Tench of 10lbs 13ozs & 10lbs 5ozs as well as a 13lb 1oz Bream!

We hear that the lakes largest and most prized mirror '16.11', has been out at 43lb!!  We await further details.


Catch Reports up to 25 November 2011  

Glen Faba
Terry Hemmings recently landed one of the 50 x 6-8lb fish stocked into the lake in April 2010.The fish, known as ‘Chunky’ weighed in at 21lb 6oz and shows the stockies are doing really well in their new home.

Bowyers Water
Fishing during the summer, Terry Hemmings broke the lake record when he landed the much sought-after ‘Little Leather’ at an impressive 42lb 12oz! Along with this lump he landed one of the 2006 stockies that hadn’t been reported before at 15lb along with a 20lb+ common. During late summer, new member for this season, Ray Dixon got on the score sheet with a string of nice mirrors; 18lb 6oz, 29lb 2oz, 29lb 12oz, 25lb and a 20lb 4oz linear. More recently he banked his first 30 from the venue in the shape of a 32lb common. Lewis Morris took full advantage of the mild Autumn/early winter months landing an impressive haul of 12 fish over a 3 day session.The catch included a couple of very special fish; the Big common at 39lb 12oz and a new 40 for the venue, a mirror of 40lb 10oz! He returned a week later to bank a further 3 fish, all commons to 33lb 7oz.Top angling! Another angler who has made his mark on Bowyers this season is Will Bordley. He has been steadily catching throughout the year and some of his most notable captures include ‘Slopey Head’ at 38lb 4oz (a new top weight for this fish), ‘Goldie’ at 37lb, an ancient looking 30lb 4oz mirror and the thought to be dead mirror ‘Black Scar’, alive and well at 31lb 8oz! These have been backed up by numerous doubles and 20lb+ commons and mirrors. Fisheries Officer Jamie Godson made the most of the October and November mild conditions landing a string of cracking commons of 32lb 1oz, 35lb 2oz and a new P.B. at 37lb 7oz.He followed this up with the ‘Slopey head’ mirror at 36lb 10oz. Finally on Bowyers, Paul Moulder has had an amazing run of fish over the past few months, banking up to 5 fish per overnight session on some occasions. His most notable captures include mirrors of 32lb 4oz, 36lb 2oz, 36lb 8oz and 36lb 15oz along with commons of 30lb 11oz, 31lb, 31lb 15oz, 32lb 15oz, 33lb and 35lb 5oz.

North Met Pit
Warden Co-ordinator Darren Elks recently landed a cracking common of 30lb 10oz and then followed this up with a stunning mirror of 36lb 6oz that as yet we have been unable to identify as a known/named fish.Earlier in the summer he took advantage of some warm, sunny weather and proceeded to land a couple of dark old mirrors to 34lb 4oz.


Terry Hemmings had an unknown 25lb perfect zip linear first week of May. Many of the stockies are now gracing the bank most well into double figures including one '20!!!
(and Stock Pit)
Please note all swims must be booked in advance via the Lee Valley Regional Park Bailiff by TEXT only on 07908 948066 or EMAIL at
See issue (239) of Carpworld: pages 147-150 for a stunning feature by Simon Crow!

Stop Press! Upload your own photo's now! Simply go to our fishing gallery to view and upload photo's after which subject to approval your fish piccys will appear! To view all updated photo's visit our gallery then choose the fishery you'd like to view.

Centre Lagoon: "16.11" out at 41lbs. South Lagoon:Dave Green equalled his Tench PB with a 11lbs 9oz Tinca on Fishing Wizards yellow peril....well done Twiggy! Brackens Pool: had 4 Mirrors & a Common (average 6lbs) introduced from the Carp Rearing facility.

A member caught 6 Carp the largest being "Baby Basil" at 44lbs, details & photo's to follow. Stop Press: Beaky out at 43lbs second weekend in May. Last week of May 4 x40's to 45lbs in 36hrs!!! hopefully some details to follow!
The North end has received 8 Mirrors (Average 6lbs)introduced from the Carp Rearing Facility.

Fisheries Officer Jamie took two mirrors the "Parrot" at 20lb 10oz and a 32lb 10oz Mirror, Paul Moulder had one of the Commons at 33lb 10ozs, "Tesco" Lee also with a Common of 35lbs and "Posty Neil"landed a 24lb 6oz Linear and a 14lb Common obviously a "natural" that has come through!
Bowyers also received five 6lb Scaly Mirrors from the Carp Rearing Facility when Jamie landed one a couple ounces up already!

Jamie has now taken a new p.b. 33.13oz Common and a new 30lb Mirror which was one of the Bowyers babies we grew on in the Carp Rearing Facility! Since the 33lb Common, Fisheries Officer Jamie Godson has landed another new p.b. This time a 37lb mirror known as the Slopey Head Mirror graced his net. A couple of weeks later he banked Goldie on an overnighter at 36lb 6oz along with a 24lb common.

Dave Fossett has broke the lake record twice firstly a 30lbs 13oz Mirror then a Mirror of 32lbs 11ozs. Dave Gadd holds the current record when he took a Mirror of 34lbs 8ozs last May.

This system can be temperamental due to longstanding technical difficulties, therefore please try and ring during office hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.Waiting List: Changes re: 2013-14 Season see "Waiting List" Box from 11th June 2013



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