General Info

Close season

Year-round angling is available on all of the park's still waters and the Lea Navigation from Bow in London to Wormley in Herts. Riverine systems continue to honour the traditional close season.

Rod licences

Before you are allowed to fish you must purchase an Environment Agency Rod Licence available from Post Offices. Each licence allows the use of up to two rods. Therefore, on waters where three or four rods are permitted, two licences are necessary if more than two rods are to be fished.

Season permits

We issue two types of full season permit which are valid from 16 June to 15 June the following year. These are a Day/Night Permit which enables an angler to fish during the day and night or a Day Only Permit which allows an angler to fish from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset. Permits are issued for individual venues only. Please email to request an Application Form.

Day and Day/Night tickets

Day, Night and 24 hour tickets are ONLY available on the following waters: Banjo Lake and Stock Pit.

Please note all swims MUST be booked in advance through the Lee Valley Regional Park Bailiff by texting the Fishery Bailiff on 07907 212035 or emailing

Concessionary charges

Lee Valley Regional Park operates concessionary charges on both Season Permits and Day Tickets for senior citizens (over 65), Under 16's, the unemployed, students in full time education and anglers with disabilities. To qualify for these discounts you must be able to show proof of your status.

Permit for anglers with disabilities

Lee Valley Regional Park offers a special permit to disabled anglers which allows use of specifically designed disabled facilities at eight of the fisheries.  It allows the holder to fish and, if required, take one companion who may fish provided that this does not interfere with other permit holders or exceeds permit holders individual rod use allocation.  The permit is designed for use on these specific sites and swims only.  Four of the disabled sites covered by the permit are detailed in this guide; an information pack on the other sites, including maps, swim locations and details of the conditions of use is available from the Fisheries Office.  Permits are via postal application only from Lee Valley Regional Park Fisheries Office.

To apply for this special permit, we require you provide a form of disability entitlement.
Alternatively, there are disabled angler facilities at Stock Pit, Stanstead Abbotts, which are available to fish on a Day Ticket basis by booking with the Lee Valley Park Fishery Bailiff. 

Items for sale

We often have items for sale which require a sealed bid entry. Find out what's for sale and details on how to apply.



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