Rye Meads Nature Reserve

The RSPB and Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust jointly manage Rye Meads, a superb spot to see vast numbers of birds, plus wetland mammals and reptiles.

The wetland areas are extensive, with flood meadows, reedbeds, ditches, streams and open water supporting all kinds of fascinating life. If you’re lucky, you can see otters here; winter brings Water Rail and Bittern, and when the floods arrive, so do Snipe, Golden Plover and Teal!

Drop in to the Visitor Centre to learn more about this very special habitat, spend time in one of the excellent hides or take a walk along sign posted trails. Get truly close-up with birds via CCTV, or hire explorer sacks and binoculars. As a family you can use a discovery card to really get the most from your visit. Rye Meads welcomes school groups too, and specializes in environmental education.

However you experience Rye Meads, chances are you’ll want to return to enjoy the ever-changing seasonal show!

Stanstead Innings

Tucked away by the quiet Hertfordshire village of Stanstead Abbots, Stanstead Innings comprises three wild flower meadows, three lakes and a wet woodland area.

The site was once a gravel extraction site, but now the machines are gone, the pits are flooded and a host of warblers, waders and other wildfowl have made the Innings their home. Whether you’re a seasoned ‘twitcher’ or just love natural places, Stanstead Innings is for you.

Spend some time in one of the bird hides for superb views of the birds. And if you’re an angler you can try your luck here - day or day/night tickets can be bought from the Lee Valley Regional Park Fishery Bailiff on 0790 894 8066.


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