Paranormal activity

Paranormal investigations at Rye House Gatehouse

This genuine 15th Century fortified moated manor house on the outskirts of Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire can be hired overnight by paranormal investigation groups and event organisers.

Paranormal sightings

Rye House Gatehouse has only recently been opened to paranormal investigations; however reports of cold spots and orbs, ghostly lights on the battlements, black masses on the spiral staircase and manifestations caught on camera have all occurred during investigations. There are reports of a number of active presences from different centuries that can manifest in various ways during investigations, however one ghost always makes his presence known at Rye House and that is a spirit from the 17th Century, known as the Night Watchman.

Rye House Gatehouse paranormal photograph

This photograph was taken by a member of the public attending a paranormal investigation at Rye House Gatehouse in October 2015 and appears to show the faint outline of someone wearing medieval-style plate armour with the visor open. The image has been examined by three separate paranormal investigation teams and this is what they have said: 

Micky Gocool

Founder, Lead Paranormal Investigator and Radio Presenter
North London Paranormal Investigations

“The image has not been tampered with and there are no light sources causing the anomaly. 

It's neither environmental nor atmospheric and although there has been the suggestion that it is gaseous in appearance, I cannot concur with this. It's not human or an animal, in fact it’s my professional opinion is that this is a spirit in an early stage of manifestation.”

Phil Warr

Founder and Lead Investigator
Beyond Reality Paranormal UK

“Wow, the photo definitely shows a shape as though something is in the process of manifesting. Interestingly, this was where we also got the most activity and we all felt a very strong presence as though we were being watched.”

Jason Nelms

Co-Founder & Lead Investigator
Sinister Sightings Paranormal Society

“My first thought is that it’s a camera flash catching the corner just right, but no flash was used. That's not normal so, by definition, it's paranormal. There's something definitely casting its own illumination there and it has an abnormal shape that is not consistent with any flash or reflection that we've seen.”


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