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Lee Valley Park os a big place with lots of things to do while you're here.We've got a load of videos to show you- heres just a few.

You can see more videos on our Youtube Channel.

Did you know?

Fact 1

DragonflyDragonflies can see in front, behind and at the sides of them all at the same time.

Fact 2

Spider Many young spiders feed on their mothers body.

Fact 3

Spiders web One teaspoon of silk from a spider would make a million webs.

Fact 4

otter An Otter has very thick coat - A Canadian scientist counted up to 40,000 hairs in one square inch.

Fact 5

bat The body of the smallest bat found in the UK, the pipistrelle, measures only about 4cm long and weighs around 5 grams - that's less than a £1 coin!

Fact 6

bat The tiny Pipistrelle bat can eat over 3000 insects in a night!

Fact 7

raindrops A drop of rain falling into the Thames at its source in the Cotswolds will have been drunk by 8 people before it reaches the sea.

Fact 8

goldcrest bird The Goldcrest has to eat its own weight in food each day to survive the cold, winter nights!

and finally...

tufted duck Birds such as the Tufted Duck make a journey of up to 1,200 miles to spend winter in the Lee Valley. In the spring they return to Scandinavia or the Baltics to breed. Tufted Ducks can live up to 14 years which means they could travel up to 33,600 miles in their life!


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