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Programmes for Secondary Schools, post 16 and youth groups

Activities help meet National Curriculum, GCSE, BTEC, A Level and degree criteria. Our unique offer includes a working dairy farm and London 2012 legacy venues, providing unique opportunities to engage your students.

We have the capacity to cater for large groups. Our orienteering competitions have welcomed over 600 students in one go! To suit your needs choose from one or two half day programmes.
Programmes run from 10.00-12.00 or 13.00-15.00 or our NEW Discovery day (10.00-14.00) with 30 minute lunch break

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Prices:    (from 1 April 2020)

  • £8.60 per student for a full day’s visit (2 programmes)
  • £5.60 per student for a half day’s visit (1 programme)
  • £8.60 per student for our 10:00-14:00 Discovery day


Discovery Days

Our new discovery days provide the ultimate 10:00 - 14:00 outdoor learning experience.

Team Building Discovery Day

Key subjects: Geography, PE, Team building

Give your pupils the ultimate team building experience. Working in small groups pupils will compete on one of our permanent orienteering courses in Lee Valley Regional Park . They will be put through their paces learning the fundamental principles of navigation, using maps and compasses whilst testing their practical planning skills with our score course. In the afternoon students will be challenged with our specialised outdoor team building activities. Building on  trust and confidence these sessions are highly rewarding and fun for all.

Suitable for: KS3, KS4, Post 16
Session times: 10.00-14.00
venue: River Lee Country Park (Cheshunt, Fishers Green, Lee Valley White Water Centre), Tottenham Marshes
Available: all year

Teachers guide available

Focus on dairy farming

Explore a working dairy farm
Key subject:  Geography

Experience the start of your milk’s journey to the supermarket shelf. Students can take a tour of our working dairy farm to see first-hand an excellent example of a primary industry at work, the inputs, processes, outputs and conflicts it faces. They also learn how this industry is helping to protect the environment.

Suitable for:  KS3, KS4, Post 16, 11+ years
Venue:           Lee Valley Park Farms
Available:      February - October

Teachers guide available


Practice group work skills
Key Subjects: Geography, PE, Team Building

Orienteering is the ultimate activity to help your group bond and gain confidence. Working in groups, students learn the fundamental principles of navigation. Put your team to the test on one of our orienteering programmes. Students under 14 should compete in groups accompanied by an adult.

1. Classic orienteering
Students learn the essential skills using a map and compass as they explore our permanent orienteering course. Our score course tests tactics in addition to teamwork

2. GPS orienteering
Students navigate our permanent orienteering course using touch- screen GPS machines. GPS orienteering also offers students the chance to develop information and communication technology skills and is great at engaging hard to reach students.

Suitable for:  KS3, KS4, post 16, 11+
Venues:         Waltham Abbey Gardens, River Lee Country Park (Fishers Green, Cheshunt) , Lee Valley White Water Centre, Tottenham Marshes

Available:      All year

Teachers guide available

Get up close to this world class venue

Lee Valley VeloPark regeneration in action


Key subject: Geography

This is a fantastic opportunity for geography students to visit Lee Valley VeloPark, one of the most iconic venues of the London 2012 Games. In this geography programme students explore the velodrome, learn about the importance and impact of regeneration on an urban space and use fieldwork skills to examine the impact of Lee Valley VeloPark locally and more widely.

Suitable for:  KS3, KS4, 11 – 16 years
Venue:           Lee Valley VeloPark
Available:      All year

Teachers guide available

Educational Opportunity!

Combine your visit to Lee Valley VeloPark with a cycling experience

Explore the interior look, feel and layout

Lee Valley VeloPark iconic designs and world class spaces

Key subject: Design & Technology

Explore the  Lee Valley VeloPark to excite and engage your students about innovative yet functional spaces and buildings. In this design and technology programme students make observations and sketches about the design of the velodrome. They’ll also evaluate how design elements come together to create the interior look, feel and layout .

Suitable for:  KS3, 11 – 14 years
Venue:           Lee Valley VeloPark
Available:      All year

Teachers guide available

Educational Opportunity!

Combine your visit to Lee Valley VeloPark with a cycling experience

White water investigation

Key subject: Geography

Bring geography to life at Lee Valley White Water Centre. Take a tour of our London 2012 venue. Students explore the challenges and potential impact involved in developing this impressive venue. Learn about the success of the London 2012 canoe slalom competition and think about how this unique sporting venue may change the future of Lee Valley Regional Park. Consolidate learning by creating and recording an interview.

Suitable for:   KS3, 11 – 14 years
Venue:            River Lee Country Park (Lee Valley White Water Centre)
Available:       All year

Teachers guide available

Educational Opportunity!

Combine your visit to Lee Valley White Water Centre with a water sport adventure

Guided Walk- Post 16, youth groups

Key subjects: Geography, Science, History

Students can explore the park with our guided walks, adapted to suit their needs. Discover the Olympic legacy at Lee Valley VeloPark, Lee Valley White Water Centre or discover internationally important habitats. Walks last one hour.

Cost £50

For further details contact the Youth and Schools Service on 03000 030 618, or e-mail

Further Information

Each programme is a half day option (approximately 2 hours) unless otherwise stated. If desired, schools may make up a full day programme by choosing two programmes or by drawing upon other local resources as appropriate.

Programmes have been designed to suit particular key stages but can be adapted to other age groups on request.

Find out more about special project weeks and events that run throughout the year.



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