We want to ensure that all our volunteers have access to training.

If you are a Lee Valley Park Volunteer you will be offered various training courses as they become available.

We are also currently working on a range of e-learning courses that will be available to volunteers through the web site.

Lee Valley Regional Park Authority Volunteers Corporate Induction is now available online please click on the image below to read through our document:

If you are interested in undertaking some e-learning training the one that we have on trial at the moment is Equality and Diversity.

If you would like to try out this e-learning please click on this link - Equality and Diversity

Please note that this is currently as a PDF and when you get to the end of the training the last slide says click on the arrow to take the test.

If you wish to take the test you will need to open this document and complete the test.

Equality and Diversity Test

Once you have done the test you can send your completed test to and we will tell you how you have done and record it on your record. Please save the file with your name before you send it.


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