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Sport and Venues Volunteering Opportunities

Lee Valley Caravan Park, Dobbs Weir:

A friendly staff team welcomes volunteers who are looking to learn new skills or are interested in using their practical experience to help maintain the site.



Lee Valley White Water Centre

There are two roles available at this exciting 2012 legacy venue:

Lee Valley Riding Centre

Lee Valley Riding Centre attracts a large number of volunteer application each year from horse lovers. Unfortunately we can not take on everyone that applies so we have set three essential criteria. If you would like to apply please click on the role description below and check you match our selection criteria:

  1. A customer who has a horse on livery at the Centre
  2. A customer riding on lessons Adult Novice and above at Lee Valley.
  3. A customer attending the BHS Stage 1 Course at Lee Valley.  The instructor will be asked to confirm the volunteer’s competence to undertake the role.

Lee Valley VeloPark

The iconic Lee Valley VeloPark was opened in early 2014. This venue was an inspiring part of London 2012 and the Authority is running this venue in Legacy.

Here is the role we currently have available:

If you have any questions about other coaching opportunities please email:


Volunteer Committee

Are you interested in getting more involved in how volunteering works at Lee Valley Regional Park Authority? Do you think you would like to make some suggestions or represent your team?

The Volunteers Team is always looking for new enthusiastic individuals who are willing to act as a point of contact within their respective teams. Representatives provide team members with an easy and informal way of communicating ideas, thoughts and experiences to the Volunteers Team enabling us to improve and develop the volunteer programme.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a representative please email:

or call: 01992 709 867

Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre

The Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre London 2012 venue at which we will be hosting events from local and regional to international competitions. Lee Valley Regional Park Authority does not currently have any of it's own roles on offer at this site.

However, our Volunteers Team  advertise volunteering roles for events held at this venue which are managed by external organisations. If you would like to receive information about future volunteering opportunities please register as a volunteer.

Lee Valley Athletics Centre

Volunteering at the Athletic Centre is mainly through the clubs that use the site. If you are interested in volunteering at the Lee Valley Athletic Centre you will need to be a member of one of the clubs that use the centre. We do occasionally take on volunteers to help with our own events and if you are interested in this activity please contact us to see what events are currently planned.

Lee Valley Ice Centre

Volunteering at the Ice Centre is through the clubs that use the site. If you are interested in volunteering at the Lee Valley Ice Centre you will need to be a member of one of the clubs that use the centre. Please contact the Ice Centre for information.





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